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Programs & Services for Young Adults

Programs & Services for Young Adults

Ready to get a job, or start training for a career but don’t know where to start? Tampa Bay Hires through CareerSource Tampa Bay can help! If you are out-of-school, between the ages of 16-24, and motivated to start a training program or gain hands-on experience, Tampa Bay Hires can provide you with the skills you need!
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Tampa Bay Summer Hires

Tampa Bay Summer Hires

The CareerSource Tampa Bay's Summer Young Adult Program, branded Tampa Bay Summer Hires provides a unique opportunity for career exploration to young adults in Hillsborough County. Tampa Bay Summer Hires instills the young adults of tomorrow with critical essential employment skills that all employers need. The program introduces young adults to the world of work and exposed them to new experiences, ideas, and potential career paths for the future through hands-on, real-world work experience through paid work experience positions in-demand occupations or targeted industries, and career exploration opportunities.
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Tampa Bay Summer Hires Kickoff for Summer 2022 will be on January 10, 2022
  • Daisy Miron

    Daisy Miron

    Daisy enrolled in the WIOA Youth program in December of 2019. After overcoming some initial obstacles, she stuck with it and earned her Penn Foster High School diploma in July of 2021. Her final paper submitted to Penn Foster was a personal narrative about her journey entitled, “I am Not Alone”.

  • Olivia Smith

    Olivia Smith

    Olivia Smith is a Junior at Hillsborough High School. The Summer Job Connection program allowed her to gain a lot of experience and prepared her to go into a profession. Her first job was teaching Korean to underprivileged girls as a part of her passion. She’s studied the language for 5-6 years and is currently learning Chinese and Spanish.0s.

  • Jessie Nwoyoke

    Jessie Nwoyoke

    Jessie Nwokoye is a recent high school graduate who was looking to gain hands-on experience before going to college for a degree in the bio medical field. Through the Summer Job Connection, Jessie was able to enhance her leadership skills, and time management skills.

  • Chauncey Johnson

    Chauncey Johnson

    Chauncey Johnson is an intern who participated in the Summer Job Connection 2021 Paid Work Experience program track. Through the course of the program, Chauncy learned different skills that he can utilize outside of his internship and in the workforce. Chauncey was also able to have the unique experience of shadowing Superintendent Addison Davis. Through this experience, Chauncey picked up leadership skills that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

  • Bishoi Bagheri

    Bishoi Bagheri

    Bishoi Bagheri is currently a junior in high school with over a 7.0 gpa. He has an enthusiastic view towards learning the skills that he needs from the Summer Job Connection Leadership Academy, to become a future leader. Through the Summer Job Leadership Academy, Bishoi was able to learn skills that prepared him for the workplace, and boosted his confidence in pursuing his dreams.

  • Miranda Mercado

    Miranda Mercado

    Miranda Mercado is a high school senior who participated in the SJC Youth Leadership Academy in 2021. The SJC Youth Leadership Academy taught Miranda different leadership skills such as how to be a great teammate, and how to communicate effectively in a team environment. “With this program, I do wish to use the tools that I learn to better myself as a person both in the workplace and out.”

  • Ronkel Williams

    "Hillsborough Community College Institute for Corporate & Continuing Education (HCC ICCE)"

    Ronkel Williams

    Hiring Employee, Ronkel Williams attended the youth summit to find motivated and dedicated young adults to work at their summer camp program. When asked about the SJC program and what she looks forward to the most Ronkel mentioned, "I love working with kids, and I love the mentoring aspect of it. So if we can help any kid find their passion or understand what they truly want to do in life, thats the hope and the dream. It's also an opportunity for them to get some work experience and learn in a corporate environment, and education is...


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